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How to Become a Zoologist


How to Become a Zoologist

Zoology is the study of the behavior, function, anatomy and biological evolution of animals. The range of topics that can be included in a Zoology degree range from populations and ecosystems, individual behavior, broad patterns of evolution and Mammalian reproduction.

There are many great Zoologist colleges around the world with many Zoology careers that you can pursue.If you are to major in Zoology you will have to complete both undergraduate and graduate study. You can then take a doctoral degree to then become a teacher or Research Scientist.

Studying at Zoologist colleges is the best way to follow a career working with animals. There are many careers you can peruse and here are a few to choose from:

▪ Wildlife researcher
▪ Zoo Keeper
▪ Zoo Curator
▪ wildlife conservation
▪ Animal and Wildlife Educator
▪ Animal Behaviorist
▪ Wildlife Rehabilitation

There are also many Government agencies looking zoologists to work for them.

Studies show that there is a very good employment rate for persons that have a degree and have just left university with approximately and 80% employment rate.

How long does in take to get a Zoology Degree?

The length of a Zoology course usually varies between 3 to 4 years depending on which university you decide to attend. Some will also include a placement, which helps you get a much more hands on approach and working directly with animals.

What are the requirement to get accepted?

To be 100% sure then it would be best to contact the University or college you are thinking direct as all universities and colleges are different. An A-Level in Biology is very essential as well as any other science Studies like chemistry and physics. Maths and Geography are also two other useful A-Level when studying at Zoologist Colleges.

The Zoologist Colleges Life

Assessed usually as part of biological sciences a lot of the early parts of the degree will be spent in the class room or laboratory. This is essential as it gives you all the necessary skill you require when working with animals.

If you course includes a placement somewhere then this is when you get the more hands on approach. This can vary from working in a Zoo or overseas in an animal sanctuary.

Outside of college

Doing a full time degree can take up a lot of time but as working with animals is a great career, and be honest it’s not really work if you love doing it, then taking up some voluntary work will give you great experience while studying.

You can start by contact any local zoo’s, animal shelters, stables, farms, animal hospitals, aquariums or other animal related facilities in the area. Although they may not openly advertise it places like these are always looking for people to help out so contact them and volunteer. It is a win-win situation for both parties, they get help at no cost and you get some great experience to help you gear up for the future. So volunteer and prepare to get your hands dirty.

Zoologist Salary

Zoologist salary usually varies depending with the employer. Zoologists are scientists who learn about wildlife, animals and any other living organisms. They investigate the behavior, origin, life processes and diseases of animals in addition to their relation with the environment. Some zoologists normally work outdoors and monitor live animals in a restricted environment or the animal normal habitat. Other zoologists carry out their study in laboratories using various equipment.

In addition, zoologists usually have an extra title that is based on their animal group of study. For instance, ichthyologists are experts who study fish while mammalogists are ones who research on mammals.

Zoologist salary usually depends on the job profile. In general, zoologists usually study, physiology, structure, classification and development of animals. They spend most of their time studying animals, collecting field information, writing reports and analyzing data. While in the field, they will watch animal’s behaviors, record information concerning animals and mark animals in order to estimate their growth and size in population. Thus, depending with the kind of work zoologists is supposed to carry out, they are paid differently.

Quite a huge number of zoologists normally work for the government st a state level and they usually earn an average of $53,290. Those who work at a federal level normally earn $75,690 every year. This salary is very high when compared to any lone type of employer. However, there are a number of factors that affect the salary earned by a zoologist.

A zoologist who works in the city will earn more compared to one who works in the rural areas. This is because; those who are in the city spend more on commuting, food and other bills.

Apart from the zoologist salary, there are a number of benefits that zoologists get even though it will depend with the kind of employer they have. For instance, zoologists who work in colleges usually get similar type of benefits that permanent faculty members get. This includes health insurance, paid vacation, life insurance and other retirement plans.