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Best College Ranker | December 1, 2015

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University of Iowa US News Ranking

Analysing various aspects of colleges and universities is not always straightforward. US News and World Report makes the whole task easier- it ranks all key US colleges and universities based on their rank.

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Check University of Iowa Rankings in US News& World Report

Deciding on the best school is a very important decision. Think about it thoroughly, as this choice will define your potential career.

The rankings allow the prospective students to compare aspects such as graduation rates, freshman retention rates, excellence of the faculty in addition to tuition and size of the classes.

Once you evaluate different schools – you can make up your own mind about which criterion is the most important in your case.

No listings could ever substitute the importance of visiting the university or college grounds for yourself and asking your friends and family about what they think of your college preference.

But who are behind these listings? According to US News and World Report , the listings are based on both- the opinions of educational specialists as well as university students and statistical info.

Universities in US News and World Report database are categorized into regional and national colleges.

In order to make a fair evaluation, each college rank is based on 16 unique criteria.

Out of the 1800 colleges in the their directory, about 500 remain unranked. This might be simply because of lack of figures, size of the schools or specific specialization of the institution.

In 2012, the U.S. News & World Report Rankings held information on 1391 colleges . The compiled data on educational institutions is obtained from many different sources like American Association of University Professions, National Collegiate Athletic Association and U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics. These resources are used when the college itself declines or does not provide the stats themselves.

The criteria that is used in US News and World Report Rankings –

  1. Undergraduate academic reputation (22,5 or 25 %, depending on whether the school is National or Regional)
  2. Retention rate (20% or 25%, depending on whether the school is National or Regional)
  3. Faculty Resources (20%). This contains information about size of the classes, faculty salary, student-faculty ratio and portion of the faculty that are full time.
  4. Student Selectivity (15%)
  5. Financial Resources (10%)
  6. Graduate Rate Performance (7,5%)
  7. Alumni Giving Rate (5%)

Check University of Iowa Statistics at NCES Goverment Website

Other interesting schools-

Cambridge College, Concordia University, Mequon Wisconsin, Indiana University – Purdue University, Columbus