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Scholarships for Women – College, Graduate, and Minority Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships for Women – College, Graduate, and Minority Scholarship Opportunities

A 2011 report from CBS News provides a new outlook on today’s college students. Surprisingly, this report states that women have surpassed men, not only in college attendance, but obtaining advanced degrees of education.

According to the report, about 20.1 million women have earned their Bachelor’s degrees, nearly 3 million more than men. Women over the age of 25 make up about 10.6 million of college graduates with Master’s degrees or higher, compared to men, who make up about 10.5 million.

Because of this jump in education, many more women are now able to access a wider range of employment opportunities. In fact, a 2011 survey by American Express OPEN State of Women-Owned Businesses, about 29% of small businesses are now owned by women, a rate which has experienced an increase of 50% the national average in the last 14 years.

This change is allowing for the shifting of many of the traditional gender roles at work and home. According to the same report by CBS News, one in five fathers last year took on the role of the stay-at-home dad, a number that reaches close to 2 million.

Earning the education you need to open new doors of opportunity may be on your to-do list as well, but if you can’t afford it, you may think you are unable to join the record-breaking number of women attending college today. However, with the right scholarships, you can.

Here’s how:

College and Graduate Scholarships for Women

Finding the funding to help you earn your degree begins with the right scholarship. There are several scholarships that cater exclusively to women.

Here are just a few you may be interested in:

  • Jeanette Rankin Foundation Scholarship – Female students over the age of 35 who are consider to be low-income can apply for the Jeanette Rankin Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship is open to women who are seeking to obtain a vocational education, technical education, an associate’s degree, or their first bachelor’s degree. Visit their site
  • Emerge Scholarship – Women who wish to apply for the Emerge Scholarship need to have certain unique qualities. The Emerge Scholarship Foundation look for women who are seeking to obtain their education in Georgia, who have given back to their community, and who want an education that is in line with her passions. Click for more info
  • SWE Scholarship – If you are a women who has been accepted into an ABET/CSAB accredited bachelor or graduate program for a degree in engineering, computer science, or engineering technology, you may be interested in the SWE Scholarship. Apply here

Scholarships for Minority and International Women

  • Gates Millennium Scholars Program – The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation established this scholarship program in 1999 for American Indiana, Alaskan Natives, Hispanic American, African American, and Asian Pacific Islander American women who were interested in obtaining an undergraduate degree. Those women interested in earn their graduate degree in science, mathematics, education, library science, or engineering can also apply for this scholarship. Find out more information
  • Stan Beck Fellowship – This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate or graduate student who have a need based on physical limitations, environmental conditions, or minority status. Women must earn their degree in entomology or a related degree program in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. Get further details
  • AWS International Scholarship Program – Women who are interested in obtaining at least a bachelor’s degree in welding or a related field can apply for the AWS International Scholarship and attend a U.S. school, no matter what country they are from. The student, however, must be enrolled full-time, be able to show proof of citizenship for their home country, and must have already studied at least one year of welding at an institution. View their scholarship offerings

Tips for Applying for Scholarships

Are you ready to apply for the scholarship you need to further your education? Use the following tips for scholarship application success:

  • Apply for Scholarships You Actually Qualify For – While this basic principle may seem a bit obvious, it takes time to narrow down the list. Do a complete search of the various scholarships offered and see which ones you have the best chance of getting. Apply only to those that help you stand out in certain areas where you perform well.
  • Play to Your Strengths – When you are filling out a scholarship application, make sure to highlight your strengths effectively. This also includes the materials written by others. It is always better to have someone write a letter of recommendation who can truly inform the scholarship committee of your strengths, than to ask someone simply because they have a flashy title.
  • Write a Killer Essay – When applying for a scholarship, most of your time and energy will be spent composing your essay. Most scholarships will ask for at least one, and they are very important to the process of choosing a scholarship winner. Take the time to read through past winners’ essays and the scholarship foundation’s mission. This will help you to determine what the scholarship committee is looking for and put you ahead of the competition.