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Nursing Job Interview Questions

Nursing Job Interview Questions

One can not underestimate the importance of nursing job interview whether the person is a recent nursing school graduate or a knowledgeable nurse planning a move ahead in her career.  The most significant part of the job hunt for nurses is the nursing job interview.  In this article, you can find some useful tips and questions for nursing job interviews, which can help new nursing school graduates as well as experienced or skilled nurses.

Pre-Interview Preparation

At first, you should prepare your credentials. The credentials which are absolutely needed for the nursing employment interview as follows:

  • Copy of your resume.  Proofread your resume and correct mistakes if any.
  • Copies of your nursing license.
  • Typed list of your past managers and references.  It is important to include their full names, titles, telephone numbers and current addresses.
  • Copy of your recent  grade report.

Get ready for Nursing Interview Questions

Here is a list of typical nursing job interview questions that you should prepare to answer.

  • How would you deal with a difficult doctor?
  • How would your describe your interpersonal skills as a team player?
  • How would you handle unexpected situations, like being short staffed and having to do a treatment that you have not done so far.
  • How would deal with difficult patients and/or their relatives?

Also it is necessary to practice answering difficult nursing job interview questions in advance.

  • Recent nursing graduate must be ready to explain to the interviewer what traits they have that will make them respond rapidly to the demands of the new unit.
  • If you had any negative experiences in your previous job, you should explain what you learned from these experiences, and how could you use the experience in a positive way in the new job.

Nursing job questions to ask the interviewer

Here are some examples of questions that you should ask a potential employer.

  • What is the nurse-to-patient ratio?
  • Is there staff to support the nurses?
  • What are the responsibilities and accountability of nurses?
  • What opportunities for professional growth are available to the nurses?

Please bear in mind that these are just some examples of nursing job questions to ask.  You should feel free to ask any additional questions that you feel are important.

Throughout the interview process, you may encounter some questions that will require some self-examination.  Some seemingly easy questions may point to extremely important factors for yourself and the hospital.  You should also understand that some type of questions would be asked to test how you would handle stressful situations.  Take a deep breath and think calmly before you answer such questions.