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Myths of Online Colleges

With the introduction of any trend, newness and uncertainty fuel misinformation. Online colleges are no exception. Since the increase in their popularity, online colleges have been misrepresented. Let’s clear up those common misconceptions.

Myth: Online colleges are a farce and do not measure up to a “real” college.

Fact: Many online colleges go through the same accreditation processes as traditional colleges. The fact that there are some unaccredited online colleges out there could very well be the source of this myth. This also is a perfect time to mention that you should research any online institution before enrolling.

Myth: The quality of online college classes cannot compare to a classroom environment.

Fact: Online college courses offer high-quality curriculum and experiences, which can actually surpass a typical classroom environment. Since the online courses are in a virtual setting, resources and information are much more accessible to students. More importantly, professors are easily reached and provide guidance and support to ensure success.

Myth: I have to be a computer genius in order to enroll in classes online.

Fact: While it is important to have basic computer skills and knowledge of the Internet, enrolling in an online college does not require you to be a computer wizard. Knowing a word processing program, how to navigate a browsing window, and how to use chat programs are all you’ll need to succeed. You can ask if the online college you are considering offer technical support services for students.

Myth: Taking courses through an online college is the easy way out.

Fact: Don’t be fooled! Just because you are taking courses from the comfort of your own home does not mean that no effort is required. Studying, researching, test-taking, and homework are all part of online curriculum. Course requirements are just as strict as any other college, and depending on the workload of the course you are taking, it can be quite involved.

Myth: Credits received for work completed are useless when transferred.

Fact: With the rising popularity of online courses, many traditional colleges are accepting these credits if and when students choose to transfer. It’s always a best practice to check your online university’s policy as well as any other schools you might be considering. However, many people who start an online education remain in the program through graduation.