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How to Become a Marketing Manager

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How to Become a Marketing Manager

Considering a business degree, but not sure what kind would be best for you? There are many different options for students who want to pursue a business career, and it can be tough to choose a business degree program when you’re not sure what all those different titles mean.

Marketing is just one kind of business degree you can earn. There are many bachelor’s degree programs and MBA programs for students who want to focus on marketing, and it is also possible to receive an associate degree in marketing. If you’re interested in advertising, consumer trends, and new product development, marketing might be the career you’re looking for.

What does a marketing manager do?

Marketing managers are business executives who work with a team of people to make a plan for how to advertise and promote a company’s products or services. With the help of market researchers, they first figure out if there is a demand for potential products and who would buy them. They work with advertising managers to figure out the best way to advertise to consumers or other businesses, and they help come up with themes for ad campaigns.

Marketing managers have to be able to analyze large amounts of consumer data to help identify trends in what people and businesses are buying and what future needs may arise. They work with product developers to stay one step ahead in their industries and come up with new and improved goods. When a product fails miserably, like New Coke did in the 1980s, the marketing manager is usually the one to blame for either having a bad idea to begin with or an unsuccessful way of presenting it to the public.

This is an excellent career for people who have a strong sense of business trends and are also creative thinkers. Marketing managers also make excellent annual salaries—an average of $118,160 in 2016.

Because marketing managers make a lot of money and receive excellent benefits, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that you can expect strong competition for these positions. Employers prefer to hire marketing managers who not only have the most up-to-date training, but are also tech-savvy. A lot of marketing research is now done online, and good marketing manager will know how to collect data this way and also plan successful advertising campaigns geared toward new social media.

A marketing degree from an accredited career college will give you the training you need to succeed in this industry. Because it is possible to complete a bachelor’s degree in marketing or an MBA at an online college, you can show potential employers that you embrace the use of technology to get ahead.