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How to Get into Nursing School?

How to Get into Nursing School?

Why choose nursing as a profession? This question is often asked to nurses and nurse graduates.  Well, the answer is obvious.  No other career offers the same opportunities like the nursing career.  And how the nursing career is different from medicine?  While both medicine and nursing are needed by the society, these professions are different.  Doctors focus on the cure of the health problems but the nurses focus on serving the patients and their families adapt to illness.

How many professionals have the opportunity of being close to other persons in their saddest as well as their happiest times, during illness and during good health, at birth and at death?  Nurses have this gift of sharing the closest moments with their patients and therefore nurses are the health care professionals that are the most trusted by the patients.

Nurses have to be caring as well as smart because of the diversity of roles and increasing complexity in health care field.  There are lots of difficulties in the nursing job.  Nurses are often the first persons who recognize patients’ problems and interact with the medication team till the doctors or the healthcare team arrives.  Nurses should be very intelligent, as they need to synthesize information from all other sciences with the knowledge of medicine and nursing.

These days, there are different routes to become a registered nurse (RN).  After graduating from an accredited RN Nursing degree program, one has to pass the NCLEX-RN board examination to get the RN license.  Bachelor degree programs and associate degree programs are the two common programs.  Associate degree in Nursing (ADN) can be completed in 2 years, whereas the Bachelors degree in Nursing (BSN) takes four years.  The role of nurses with ADN degree is limited to certain extent compared to those with the BSN degree.  Some cities like the Greater Boston require a bachelor’s degree in nursing to be eligible for the job of an RN.  More scholarships are increasingly becoming available for studying nursing because of the shortage of nursing professionals.

The shortage of nurses is expected to last for many more years.  Due to this high demand for nurses, nurse get decent salaries starting from around $50,000 in the bigger metropolitan cities.  Generally, the full-time schedule for the nurses involve three 12-hour work shifts per week and with extra work during evening and night shifts, the nurses can make much more.  Most of the hospitals offer signing incentives and liberal continuing education benefits for nurses who want to gain additional qualifications in the nursing profession.

There are many more benefits in a nursing career apart from the decent salary.  You are always learning and growing in this profession, and you won’t find dull moments in the daily routine.  Plus, there are many diverse job opportunities, flexibility in job timings, variety of facilities and job settings – which make the job more interesting.  And most imprtantly, you would get tremendous satisfaction by  making a difference in others’ lives.

How to Apply to Nursing Schools?

Nursing forms an integral segment of patient healthcare.  But recently we had a shortage of nurses.  Even so, getting admission into nursing schools is becoming increasingly competitive since the last few years.  This does not however deter those who have set their hearts on becoming nurses.

For those who would love to be in a job that involves caring for other people, nursing could be a very good career option as it would offer both stability as well as job satisfaction.  Also, job opportunities are plenty both in the public and private sectors.

To qualify for a career in nursing, you would need to perform reasonably well in high school.  You would need a high school diploma or something equivalent like the GED.  If you have performed rather well in subjects like Mathematics and Sciences in your high school courses, this would improve your chances of satisfying the application requirements without any hassle.  In addition, you would be required to have the SAT or ACT, while non-native English speakers would also need to take the TOEFL.

Once you have the qualifying requirements, you need to choose the right nursing school.  There are many to choose from nowadays, some genuine, others that are not recognized.  Some could even  be out to take undue advantage of desperate nursing aspirants.  So visit different schools offering nursing programs and and ask for their application forms.  After checking these out find out if you qualify for their program or not.  Some schools may require a few prerequisite courses to be completed before offering candidates admission into their nursing program.

Next, understand all the requirements thoroughly and fill out the application form.  To detect any errors during the filling out process, ask a friend to go through your application.  The form has to be submitted along with your high school transcripts, a few recommendation letters and an essay explaining why you want to pursue a nursing career.

Nursing School Admission Essay

The admission essay is one of the most crucial tasks in any nursing school application.  Your essay has to convince the admission committee members that you have always been a disciplined and sincere student and will be sure to apply these qualities while performing your duties as a nurse.  Understandably therefore, your nursing school essay or personal statement is the most important part of your  entire application package.

The type of essays required by various nursing schools could be different.  Some might ask you to answer a specific question, others could ask you to just tell them something about yourself.  But whatever the requirement, remember that your essay will help you stand out from among thousands of applicants competing for admission.  It will demonstrate to the nursing school that you’re the ideal candidate and would make a fine addition to their student body.

So try and make your admission essay unique, vibrant and interesting, and emphasize your personality and clear thinking about your future goals as these are things that cannot be highlighted in the other sections of the application.

Steps to Get into Nursing School

If you are planning to get into a nursing school, you need to go through a series of steps that are important in getting you prepared for the nursing school entrance examination and other admission procedures.

Step One: The initial step is making a thorough preparation for entrance examination when the people like to join in a nursing school to become a nurse. It is important to know about the nurse entail? Have to spend some more time to do this examination. Be sure about what is the necessary thing need to do to become a nurse. The nature and personality must suit for this kind of job. So it is necessary to verify whether the person personality who likes to become a nurse is fit for this form of job.

Step Two: Read carefully about the admission policy and school catalogues. Nowadays it is very easy to get the information about these details through internet.  Also there is no need to use the manual college copies and student service center catalogues to browse in the online.

Step Three: If it is decided to join in a nursing school and explored through the relevant details from nursing education is the leading wish of yours that can make it to provide creative powers to use. Analyze about how to make the chance to enter on the nursing education. Come out with the creative or innovative tips of your individual. Also it is the best idea to read more than three books under these topics.

Step Four: Get ready as much as possible. Completely, Even though the time among the application deadline and the decision of yours is more, the higher opportunity is getting accepted by you. For this reason, the person can do all type of activities that are the school choices of them.

Step Five: A standardized test is required to take at the proper time. The time of the standardized exam is taken depending up on the time when it is applied on nursing school. The most necessary thing is to build the deadline. Try to attend the test when you get the time.

Step Six: Maintain high grades. In the middle of conducting on the extracurricular activities will make the high grade. High grade must be maintained as much as possible. Determination, willingness and intelligence are provided by obtaining high grade to work difficult.  In addition, receiving high grades are provided that it have been learned what was  instructed, and since it reminds it is the school to study, the better can learn, the better can provide you to work in society.

Nursing School Prerequisites

If you like taking care of sick people and assisting in their recovery, a career in nursing would be a good option for you.  A degree in nursing is required for entering the medical profession as a nurse.  But to acquire this degree you will have to make sure you have the necessary nursing prerequisites.

To start with, all aspiring nurses must be high school graduates or possess a GED.  Not just that, they need to maintain an excellent grade point average when they are in high school besides attending classes like biology and health science that are pertinent to a nursing major.

You will have to start out with either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing.  Acquiring an associate’s degree could help in getting admission into bachelor’s degree programs that sometimes have really long waiting lists.  However, the associate’s as well as bachelor’s programs offer classroom experience and also clinical practice as part of their curriculum.

To make sure you have the necessary prerequisites, plan your course of study with the help of your school counselor, preferably one who is knowledgeable about what is required for obtaining a nursing degree.  If you fail to take any of the essential courses, you will have to spend the summer in college completing them.

Unfortunately, most universities and colleges offer only a limited number of courses in the summer.  So if the course you overlooked is not provided in the summer, you will have to wait till the Fall or Spring semester to complete the missing class.  Students who are faced with such a problem should talk to their guidance counselor and find out if a similar course available at another university would be accepted in place of the missing nursing prerequisite.  Moreover, nowadays many colleges and universities offer LPN Nursing classes online.  Hence, you could also discuss this option with your guidance counselor.  But either way, you will require the written permission of your counselor or your program director for attending an outside school for making such classes count in place of the missing nursing prerequisites.

No matter if you are going back to college, moving from one community college to another one, or going to college straight from high school, you will have to fulfill certain nursing prerequisites for obtaining your nursing degree.  Each nursing college or university may have has their own specific course prerequisites, but nearly all of them require nursing candidates to satisfactorily complete courses in:

  • Nutrition (3 credits)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (6-8 credits)
  • Microbiology (4 credits)
  • Chemistry (4 credits)
  • Statistics (3 credits)
  • Psychology (3 credits)
  • Sociology (3 credits)

However, some institutions permit certain courses to be replaced by others such as Psychology, Economics, or some type of Math course in place of Statistics. Also, most of them will permit a small number of relevant transfer credits from some other accredited school in case students don’t meet all the requirements.  But it is primarily the responsibility of the student to check if such courses satisfy the new school’s nursing prerequisites.