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How to Become Rehabilitation Counselor

rehabilitation counsellor

How to Become Rehabilitation Counselor

A rehabilitation counselor involves working with people suffering from physical, mental or emotional disabilities. These people are assisted to become more independent at home and in the workplace. Rehabilitation counselors establish the support and training needed by patients to overcome their disabilities. They are often found working in schools, public agencies and medical facilities.

What Do Rehabilitation Counselors Do?

Rehabilitation counselors assist their clients handle personal, occupational and social changes of their handicaps by counseling. They determine the strong and weak points in an individual. Assessment is achieved by talking with family, friends, occupational therapists, psychologists, physicians and employers. A rehabilitation counselor will also manage medical treatment, occupational education as well as appointment of jobs. They also have the duty to create a rehabilitation program fitting for the client. This involves training to cultivate the skills needed for their job. They aim to make the client become more self-sufficient.

If you are considering this type of career, you must be equipped with qualities of a good counselor. One must have compassion and patience. One should also be able to communicate well with clients, as well as other team members. A love of learning is always useful. Aside from a bachelor’s degree, it is highly recommended to take post grad

How to Become a Rehabilitation Counselor

A rehabilitation counselor requires a bachelor’s degree in psychology, sociology, rehabilitation services or other related fields. The focus of which includes counseling skills, theories and techniques; medical and psychosocial facet of disabilities; environmental, group and individual assessment, technological adaptation, rehabilitation planning, case management, aspects of psychiatric rehabilitation, work adjustment, vocational evaluation, career counseling and job improvement and appointment.

These degrees will provide an individual with the foundation to broaden knowledge in rehabilitation counseling. Although there are some fresh graduates that get employed for this job, it is still advised to continue education. For instance, if one takes a master’s degree in psychology, he/she will be equipped with the knowledge that can make him/ her be a more efficient rehabilitation counselor.

In addition, acquiring additional education offers better career opportunities and higher earnings. Even if the demand for this type of career is increasing, certification has not been standardized. There are some states and countries that simply require a degree in psychology and counseling to be able to practice legally. There are also others that require rehabilitation counselors to pass a licensure examination.

There are a number of career opportunities for rehabilitation counselors. State rehabilitation programs are in dire need of rehabilitation counselors.
Requirements include a master’s degree in special education, rehabilitation counseling or other associated fields; and eligibility to take the certification exam. With college disability specialists/ counselors; their main roles include addressing the needs of handicapped students. The services provided are computer access, liaison, counseling, referral services, equipment loan, notetakers and in-service awareness programs.

Technological support is also provided by rehabilitation counselors; which include assistive listening gadgets, adaptive computer technology, talking calculators, tactile maps of the campus and wheelchairs. Disabled students are assisted in acquiring information regarding their special care. Different kinds of disabilities can be catered to; for instance, sensorial disabilities, psychological disabilities, learning disabilities and physical disabilities.

Rehabilitation Counselor Salary

As of 2008, the median annual income of rehabilitation counselors is $30,930. The lowest average salary per annum is $30,930. On the other hand, the mean annual wage is $56,550. Rehabilitation counselors working in the state government earn a median yearly salary of $45,350. An average income of $38,800 is earned by those employed in the local government. Those working in vocational rehabilitation services earn a mean of $29,060 every year. On the other hand, an average of $28,290 is made of rehabilitation counselors in individual and family services. Rehabilitation counselors working in residential mental health, mental retardation and substance facilities earn a median of $25,950 per annum.