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How To Become FBI Agent

How to become FBI

How To Become FBI Agent

Perhaps the best known law enforcement agency in the country, the Federal Bureau of Investigation extends much farther than we get the chance to see on TV or in the movies.

Once you’ve decided the FBI is right for you, understand that their requirements for employment are almost unconditional, so you might have to go through a few steps before they pick you.

Here is the first thing you should do. Go on the FBI website and search through the job openings they have available. In each job opening, along with a description of the duties of that job, are minimum requirements for getting hired to do that particular line of work. Many of them require associates or bachelor’s degrees in a field pertaining to that specific job, such as criminal science, or criminal psychology. Once you find a job you feel is right for you, enroll in whatever education requirements are necessary to make yourself a prime candidate for that position.

After your education requirements are met, you need to talk to an FBI recruiter to outline any further requirements or needs you should meet prior to your interview and training. If you happen to be a bit out of shape, this is the ideal time to prepare yourself for the physical training portion of FBI training. An outline of the physical requirements includes timed runs, both sprinting and distance, as well as the typical pushups, sit-ups, and an obstacle course.

When you feel you are ready to take on a job in the FBI, apply for the job you desire to work at. The Bureau is not known for contacting the applicants in a timely manner, as there are thousands of applicants each year, and only the best are selected. From the selected few, only the ones who have the stamina and willpower to complete Recruit training can call themselves agents of the FBI.

The FBI Training Academy is a 20 week course, that is among the most intense in the world.

Not only are they expected to uphold their physical shape and stamina, but must not only complete, but excel in other topics such as computer science, firearms training, basic defensive tactics, operational planning, surveillance, and tactical driving. Numerous practical exercises are conducted where the students learn hands-on how to conduct arrests, interview suspects, and other common law enforcement applications. Upon graduation, the remaining students are expected to be prime examples of the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ core values including unquestionable integrity and loyalty.

If you have the desire to serve your country, and demand the respect of individuals the world over, then a career as an agent is a great opportunity for you. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is recognized by agencies everywhere at being the premiere law enforcement branch in the country, staffed by the most professional agents in the world. From Stanley Finch to Robert Mueller III, the directors of the FBI have maintained an exceptional investigative force, unparalleled on the earth.

Requirements To Become FBI Agent

Entering the training program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be appointed Special Agent status carries a plethora of requirements. The basic prerequisites include having secured a degree from a four year college or university that is listed within the definitions of the Secretary of Education. Potential recruits must be between the ages of 23 and 37 before the anticipated appointment to office. Other requirements include no criminal charges or convictions, currently having a valid drivers license and the ability to be reassigned to other areas of the country. A background in Criminal Justice wouldn’t hurt either!

The FBI Special Agent programs include computer science, law, language training, accounting and specialized fields. To be accepted into one of the training programs you will also need to have at least three years of work experience in one of the applicable fields. Once you are accepted into the program you are then assessed using the Critical Skills criteria that will further define your role in the agency. These include biochemical and physical sciences, translation, crime scene processing and investigation and accounting.

Before your first appointment you will need to receive a complete physical that will include a drug screen, rigorous physical fitness test, vision and hearing screening and demonstrate their ability to be active under a series of simulated situations. If you plan on attending any of the specialized FBI training schools you will receive further testing upon your admission. Failure to meet the requirements set by the Federal Bureau of Investigations will result in the denial of your application. If you are denied, you will be notified in person as well as by mail regarding the reason for denial as well as when you may apply again.

Background Check & Evaluation

One of the last steps needed to complete the application process to becoming a FBI agent is an extensive background check. This is one of the most time consuming of processes and includes, but it not limited to, a polygraph screening and test, your credit rating, score and purchases, any firearms you own or have permits for, interviews with current and former employers, spouses, neighbors, relatives not living with you and a more extensive drug panel screening. If you are going to be training in a specialized field there could be other avenues of investigation that will need to be explored. The end result of this last battery of the screening will result in the approval or denial of Top Secret clearance.

If you are disqualified at any point in the FBI training program or qualification process you will be notified within 48 hours. This does not necessarily exclude you from reapplying to the training academy or for Special Agent status. If you failed any part of the physical screening you will be given the exact requirements needed to reapply and receive a pass grade. If you are denied Agent status or inclusion into a training program because of a negative report or background investigation the details will be provided however some areas will be held as confidential material.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation prerequisite evaluation process is demanding and can seem excessive at times. It requires all applicants to be forthcoming with personal information, provide as much data as possible about their employment history and be sworn under oath that their application was completed with full disclosure under full penalty of applicable laws. After passing all of the requirements further training in protocol and procedure will follow and may include attending the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.