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How to Become an Elevator Installer

How to Become an Elevator Installer

How to Become an Elevator Installer

The job description of an elevator installer will vary based on which company they work for and what sort of team they work with. As the name of this career states, individuals will actually build and install elevators. This does not mean only typical elevators that are seen inside of office buildings, although they are the most commonly built. Builders also create dumbwaiters, moving walkways and even escalators for all types of buildings. Some builders even work with homeowners who have large homes and want the convenience of an elevator built inside.

In order for installers to do their job, they have to understand how elevators work from the inside out. This requires extensive knowledge of hydraulic systems, construction, mechanics and blueprints. A lot of detailed knowledge goes into becoming an elevator installer. In addition to all of this, installers also need to learn how wiring in the elevator car works so they can properly install and operate them.

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  • Median Salary $70,910/year or $34.09/hour
  • Education Requirements High school diploma or equivalent
  • Professionals Employed 19,900
  • 10 Years Job Outlook 11%
  • 10 Years Job Growth 2,300

How to Become an Elevator Installer

Going through an apprenticeship program is absolutely essential for individuals. No college is actually required, which is why this alternative training is so important. A high school diploma or GED should be achieved before going through the training course and will result in higher income as well. Several years through the apprenticeship program will result in enough knowledge to start this job full force. After the training program is over, individuals can work where they would like and get licensed as a contractor if they wish to continue their education.

Elevator Installer Average Salary

The average salary for an elevator installer is around $65,000 per year. The lowest 10% make around $42,000 per year or less and the highest 10% make over $90,000. Income really depends on company, area and individual. Some people make more money simply because they live in an area where there is a lot of work available on a consistent basis.

Career Opportunities

There are jobs for elevator installers available all over the country. Individuals who are skilled with repairing should be able to find a job quickly because they bring so many skills to the table. Jobs can be applied for online, but some people continue to work with the same company after their apprenticeship is over.

People who open up their own small business can end up being very successful. This does heavily depend on the area, the book of business and competition. Networking with the right people can easily result in making more money and creating a long-lasting business.

Tips for People Considering an Elevator Installer Career

Gaining a lot of experience through internships is a great way for people to learn more about the industry. Individuals should network as much as they can, learn the area and connect with different companies that need their services. It is also important to learn from other people who are in this industry. Anyone considering being an installer should gain some expertise so he or she would know more than other candidates that are applying for the same job. This can easily set them apart and increase the likelihood of getting a position.