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How to Become a Naturopathic Doctor

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How to Become a Naturopathic Doctor

With every state and country giving focus on healthcare as a primary concern, a lot of people find having a profession in healthcare as a good step in having a wonderful career. Not only does it pose an academically challenging task, but it also offers a good compensation package that will be able to support you when it comes to financial needs. One profession to consider is the naturopathic doctor. So what exactly is it, and how can one become a doctor in this field?

What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

A naturopathic doctor, in comparison to a normal and ordinary doctor, provides a holistic approach when it comes to healing and medicine. Just like any other doctor, they diagnose and provide remedies to ailments. What made them different, however, is that they offer and use drug-free remedies and procedures in an effort to heal and alleviate the condition of their patients. These remedies include providing herbs, acupuncture and even nutrition counseling as a method of medical procedure and healing.

How to Become a Naturopathic Doctor

In order to pursue a naturopathic doctor career, one must, of course, be able to go to a school and meet the requirements. Just like any medical schools, Naturopathic schools offer a curriculum that involves basic sciences and medicine. However, they focus more on teaching holistic approaches in healing rather than the standard drug- dependent clinical methods. Naturopathic medicine is a post-graduate field; it is also a medical field just like any medicine school, so you must have a baccalaureate degree that will provide you all the basic college education before you get into an naturopathic medical school

Of course, upon completing the course, you will be required to take the licensure exam for Naturopathic Medicine and should you pass, you will be given the title of “Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine” or ND, and will be able to provide healthcare in a natural, drug-free manner. Just like an MD or a Doctor of Medicine, you may focus on any aspect of health, from Obstetrics or Pediatrics to Family Health. At present, there are a lot of countries who are now embracing Naturopathic Medicine as an alternative and chemical free approach in an effort to keep medical procedures as natural and healthy as possible.

It is important to devote oneself in helping other people, especially if you decide to enter the world of healthcare as a career possibility. Becoming a doctor requires a lot of time and effort, which is why you should always remember to give it all your best to ensure that all your hard work will pay off with no regrets and full of satisfaction.

Naturopathic Doctor Salary

Just like any Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors possess a very promising salary to compensate your services. As a professional with a license, an ND’s annual salary ranges from forty up to as high as $97,000, with an annual bonus that could be as high as $7,000. Depending on the number of years and experience one has as an ND, their salaries may reach as high as $100,000 or more annually. This will also depend on the number of patients he accommodates and attends to and of course, the place; either country or state, where he is practicing as a physician. The location is important, as there are places where physicians are highly regarded and compensations are shooting up to as high as one could imagine.