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How to Become a Medical Records Technician

How to Become a Medical Records Technician

How to Become a Medical Records Technician

Medical records technician career include organizing and managing data on health. A medical record technician must necessarily ensure the quality, security and clarity of medical records. They must work both on files and on the computer. Medical records technicians are required to maintain database and patient records. Patient history and prescription details will also have to be maintained by medical record technicians. The duties of a Medical records technician will include collecting data like name, age, and other patient information.

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  • Median Salary $32,350/year or $15.55/hour
  • Education Requirements Postsecondary non-degree award
  • Professionals Employed 179,500
  • 10 Years Job Outlook 21%
  • 10 Years Job Growth 37,700

What do Medical Records Technicians Do?

They are also required to keep track of patient records and evaluate on a timely basis whether a treatment is sufficient for the patient. Such information will also have to be updated on a regular basis. Medical record technicians will have to be adept at using computers. Apart from all these duties, a medical records technician will also have to consult with lab technicians and admission staff to make sure that all information is secure and not passed on to the patient unless required.

Medical Records Technician Salary

The salary scale for a Medical records technician varies according to the place of work and education. It generally varies between $20,000 and $50,000. Those with an associate degree may earn more than that. You are likely to earn even better if you work in hospitals that are funded by the government. The growth rate of medical record technician jobs is expected to rise by 20 percent within the next 25 years. Computer knowledge is a requisite and therefore, it is important to update yourself on latest computer technology. This will give you an edge over other candidates while on a job hunt. Most hospitals and clinics maintain their data electronically now, and paper records are going out the window.

How to Become a Medical Records Technician

Educational requirements differ according to the institution where you may apply for work. Some institutions only require a high school diploma or a valid GED. Apart from this, you will also be required to have a practical knowledge on administration duties and office works. A vast majority of institutions hire people only with an associate degree. While at school, you will have to focus on science and English classes, if you are planning for a Medical records technician career.

The curriculum for associate degree classes includes medical terminology, English and science. During the final year, you will undergo courses on database management, coding, data analysis and reimbursement. Undergoing an internship program will only further help you out. Make inquiries and map out a program that you find comfortable. Certification becomes mandatory if you are to become a registered technician. Most states require students to undergo a certification course recognized by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

Most Medical records technicians will have to work full-time. However, the job is not highly taxing. It is basically office work and administration and thus not physically challenging. Managing data and records can be tiring at times. Some clinics also let you work from home in case of emergencies.