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How to Become a Cement Mason

How to Become a Cement Mason

How to Become a Cement Mason

The job of a cement mason is generally to install concrete and finish it, based on the needs of the client. In addition to mixing and applying the concrete, masons will also need to learn how to smooth over the concrete and attach different things, like beams, to it. Knowing how to use all the different tools is essential for this job. All of the tools are required in order to make sure the space turns out looking great. There are also different styles of concrete that can be laid, which take time and training to learn how to develop.

Each job is different with the responsibilities that are put on the shoulders of the cement mason. Sometimes individuals will need to do finishing that is simple while other times it might be more intricate. There are environmental situations that masons have to keep in mind. The weather can greatly affect the outcome of the cement and what it looks like when dry.

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  • Median Salary $35,530/year or $17.08/hour
  • Education Requirements Apprenticeship
  • Professionals Employed 148,400
  • 10 Years Job Outlook 34%
  • 10 Years Job Growth 50,700

How to Become a Cement Mason

The education and training requirements for a cement mason career start with on the job training. Most professionals get internships with local companies and work with them for several years before they are able to take on jobs by themselves. There is no degree required in order to do this job, although it is something that can help individuals get jobs more easily.

Apprenticeships are also education options for people who want to make the most of this career. After 144 hours of education in the classroom, future masons can get their certificate of completion and make more money than they would without it. Going to school for related degrees, like construction management, can result in a large income.

Cement Mason Average Salary

An hourly wage is pretty common with most cement masons. The rate can end up being anywhere from $11-$20 depending on area and experience. Individuals who are able to complete more specialized work will generally get paid more, especially with jobs that aren’t done by other individuals in this profession. Some people can make up to and over $26 per hour if they open their own business or just have a lot of clients that refer them to friends and family.

This job has been increasing in demand in the recent years. It is a growing industry since so many different structures need work that these professionals can provide. Many companies will start hiring when there is a lot of work, but layoffs can be expected during slow seasons. This is much like the construction industry, which gains in strength when more people are purchasing homes and businesses.

Being in good physical shape is absolutely essential. This job is highly demanding on the body and includes: lifting, bending, walking and a lot of other strenuous exercises. People who get a lot of training and have a certain area of expertise can make a name for themselves within their area. Good communication and networking skills are also essential.