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5 Flexible Master’s Degrees for Finance Professionals

5 Flexible Master’s Degrees for Finance Professionals

A Finance-based MBA has traditionally been amongst the most common ways to open doors or accelerate your career if you are an aspiring Finance professional.  However, as the MBA market becomes more saturated, you may find it beneficial to take a more specialized approach to differentiate yourself from the rest of the MBA applicant pool.  Thus, these are 5 flexible master’s degrees which offer a more specialized approach to Finance. Enjoy!

5) The Johns Hopkins University – MSc. Applied Economics
Johns Hopkins University is among the most prestigious universities in the world.  Furthermore, both the location and reputation provide a powerful combination that make the Applied Economics Master’s a no-brainer.  The biggest drawback however, is the fact that this option is not necessarily a “finance specific” degree.  Although, it does provide you with a lot of the same skills that you may find helpful in finance.  Also, if not for the reputation alone, the degree is priced extremely fair for what you are getting.

4) University of Southern California – MSc. Financial Engineering
This degree is a little more quant-specific and may be extremely interesting to many of you engineers out there.  However, I believe the program also welcomes applicants from economics or finance backgrounds as well.  Regardless, California is a hot-bed for aspiring candidates in hedge funds, venture capital, etc.  The only downside I see in this option is the price tag.  It is a little on the pricier side however, you must consider the benefits in having potential networking opportunities in a very lucrative market.  The school has a stellar reputation and I am sure you will love this degree option.

3) National University of Singapore – MSc. Financial Engineering
This is the only “international” option on the list.  Although, the beautiful thing about “distance learning” is the fact that location is irrelevant because the program is delivered online!  National University of Singapore is a very reputable university globally and offers candidates a potentially international perspective on finance.  Also, it offers a truly international network which can potentially lead to job opportunities.  Moreover, the engineering emphasis has become a truly important aspect of finance which can differentiate you from a pool of other finance applicants.

2) Georgetown University – MSc. Finance
This is actually a relatively brand new program which Georgetown is beginning to offer.  Thus, I do not have a whole lot of information about it as of yet.  However, I do know that most of the biggest banks have a history hiring Georgetown grads and I am sure this program will be no exception.  This is a great program to turn a finance candidate into a knowledgeable professional amongst your peers.

1) Columbia University in the City of New York – MSc. Operations Research [Methods in Finance]
When discussing possible Finance programs, the conversation is not complete without mentioning Columbia University.  Located within proximity of Wall Street, Columbia University brings the reputation and possibilities to back it.  The quant-based program offers a great differentiating factor that can open up doors to multiple aspects of finance and also brings world-class networking opportunities in a major finance market.  If you are looking for a Master’s degree in a finance-related field, you should definitely consider this option.