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4 Flexible and Prestigious MPH Degrees

4 Flexible and Prestigious MPH Degrees

4) University of Illinois at Chicago – School of Public Health
Regardless of where you live in the country, the University of Illinois at Chicago’s MPH program is a wonderful option to provide you with a more in-depth approach to public health.  Currently the University of Illinois at Chicago offers 3 completely online MPH degrees.

3) University of Southern California – Keck School of Medicine
The University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine is among the most prestigious schools in California (and the entire United States).  The MPH program will be extremely beneficial in learning advanced Public Health principles that will certainly serve you well in your career.  The degree currently offers 3 MPH streams and is definitely a program you should have at the top of your list if you are considering an MPH degree option.

2) The Johns Hopkins University – Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins is certainly one of the best (if not the best), universities in the United States (and world).  Thus, is it not surprising that this program has no problems attracting the absolute best talent in the health care industry.  Therefore, the opportunities you can get from the flexible MPH degree option from Hopkins is second to none.  Moreover, I believe 80% of the degree is currently offered online which is beneficial in the sense that professionals can continue working and implement what they learn immediately in the workplace.  The on-campus course component can currently be completed in short, intensive 1-3 week formats.

1) University of California, Berkeley – School of Public Health
We have yet to see a whole lot of flexible degree options come out of the highly prestigious, University of California, Berkeley.  However, the school has recently started offering a flexible MPH which combines on-campus residencies with online learning.  This is certainly among the most prestigious universities in the world and this program offers tremendous opportunity for professionals working in a health-related role.  It also offers unique opportunities for networking with other professionals.  I would definitely keep this option on top of my list if I was looking into an MPH degree. I believe that this option currently contains the most residencies of the options listed in the article.